Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about the furniture buying process and our company.




Q.  Where can I see your work?

A.  Our work can be seen at our Toronto studio in Designers Walk. We carry each one of the items from our collection there. Our studio is appointment only. Please connect with us if you wish to set up an appointment to see our work.

Q.  Do you stock inventory of your products?

A.  We generally carry inventory of all of our products. Certain furniture items, like Storage pieces, are generally made to order so we don't have a large stocking programs for these items. For some products, we produce components in batches so that production time is reduced to 3-5 weeks. 

Q.  Do you customize your products?

A.  Absolutely! Pricing may be subject to change with certain customizations but we are proud to offer a very personalized experience. We can accommodate different wood species, finishes and dimensions for all of our products.

Q.  Do you work with the public?

A. Yes we do. Although the majority of our business is with Architects and Designers, we do deal directly with the public. If you are working with an Architect or Designer, they can register with us to get you trade pricing.

Q.  Why should I buy local?

A.  There are a variety of reasons why buying local benefits the customer. Aside from supporting the local economy, labour force and industry, buying local means getting exactly what you want. Furniture manufacturers like us aim to provide our customers with an incredibly personalized service. When it is made in your backyard, you have much more control over the final product that you end up with.

Q.  Do you offer custom furniture?

A.  Yes. We have a collection of products that is ever expanding but our product line does not include furniture for the entire home. We have produced many different custom pieces for residential, retail, office, institutional, hospitality and more. We are really easy to work with and we take an extremely open and transparent approach to doing business. We also take a very hands on approach and are available whenever you need anything or have any questions.

Q.  Do you produce EVERYTHING in your shop?

A.  We do have some manufacturing partners who help us out when we need components or parts that we don't specialize in, like metal or stone. However, we keep all of our outsourcing local and support many different businesses in the GTA.

Q.  What is the turnaround time for a custom project?

A. We generally tell customers a window between 6-8 weeks for custom furniture projects. It all depends on the piece of furniture that we are building. We do have a track record of beating our own production estimates more often then not!



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