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Product Update: Stir Round Dining Table

The Stir Round made waves when we released it at the Interior Design Show (IDS) in January of this year. After fielding dozens of requests for round dining tables, we finally decided to dive in and come up with something that could compliment any urban dining or kitchen area. The Stir Round was built in Ash and featured a Carrara Marble top. The base received a tinted lacquer finish and the table was complete!

Recently, we made some micro design changes to the base and introduced it with a natural White Oak and Walnut base. This table, which can be seen at Toronto's Stylegarage, retails for $3470. Don't forget to take advantage of our 25% trade discount if you are working with an Architect or Designer.

Here are updated photo's of the Stir Round.

Round Dining Table Walnut
Round Dining Table White Oak
Dustin Kroft