The story about our KROFT furniture was founded and came to be.

Dustin Kroft, Founder and Creative Director of KROFT, did not receive a formal education in furniture design but he describes himself as a life long student of design. Fuelled on a childhood obsession with visual arts and an adolescence touring and studying the art museums of Europe, Kroft always had an appreciation for design. After realizing he wasn't fulfilled in his previous business, Kroft sold his company to pursue his life long dream of designing and building furniture. With a lot of faith and a burning desire, he set up his first wood shop and built his inaugural collection which debuted at Toronto's Interior Design Show.

Founded in 2014, KROFT operates as a dynamic design studio that designs and manufactures furniture for both commercial and residential environments. Their wares can be found in retail stores but they also deal directly with the Architecture and Design community in Toronto, Canada and abroad. Their product line is supported by a unique and high quality bespoke service and they have been commissioned for projects ranging from residential to retail.

The focus of their manufacturing is on solid wood furniture but they work with glass, metal, plastic, stone and more. They are always interested in discussing custom projects or contract work. They have considerable capacity for larger scale projects with a shop that spans almost 10,000 square feet. 


Our secret ingredient is our people.


Great designs are nothing without great people.

The incredibly well executed custom furniture work we do and the consistency that is seen throughout our product line is all thanks to the amazing craftspeople that work passionately and diligently in our shop. Woodworking requires an incredibly amount of patience, focus and know-how and our team brings all of that each and everyday.

Our furniture makers come from a variety of backgrounds which helps us to manage the large array of projects that our customers trust us to execute on. All of our custom projects are managed in house and are consulted on by the entire team. We are truly proud of our work and take great pride in everything we do.

While our product line represents a certain design philosophy and language, we do welcome custom projects that aren't totally consistent with that approach. We bring an honesty and openness to all of our work and will happily point you in the right direction if we feel we are not best suited for your project.