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HNGR is the marriage of our love for function and storage! This ceiling mounted storage fixture can be used in more ways that we can even explain. Put it in your laundry room as a drying rack or in your kitchen to hang towels and cook books! The HNGR is for anything that can be stored over a dowel either directly on it or even on a hook that attaches to our dowels. It is time to get creative with this piece and show off your favorite throw blanket or your prized magazines.

  • Ceiling mounted using custom powder-coated metal brackets
  • Quick and easy install. Once the top half of our metal hardware is screwed into a stud, you just have to twist the lower half in and your are good to go. Rope can be retrofitted to fit your specific ceiling height.
  • Solid turned Ash dowel rods are available in 32" or 48" lengths. 
  • 1/4" 3-Strand Nylon Yacht Black Braid
  • The upper dowel easily adjusts up and down the rope in the double version
  • Available in single (1 rod) or double (2 rods) configurations
  • Contact us for custom HNGR's

*All HNGRS are delivered with extra cordage. There is a simple locking system that allows you to adjust your HNGR to the length you want. The only tools you require to install are a screw driver and a measuring tape.

Ships in 3-4 weeks

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