Toronto Design Studio

KROFT is a unique design/build studio, based in Toronto, that is focused on creating original modern furniture for various applications.  

Our practice is a labour of love and our inspiration is the joy our customers get out of using our furniture and products. The ingredients that go into every product or project are honesty, simplicity and quality. Our creative process begins with trying to understand how to serve the people that use our wares with hard working, beautiful and meticulously constructed furniture.

Design Studio Toronto
Toronto Design Studio
Toronto Design Studio

KROFT felt like a pipe dream for Principle and Lead Designer Dustin Kroft who ended a 12 year long career to pursue his passion for architecture, design and furniture.

I am so grateful that I get to wake up everyday and put my sketches, ideas and ideals to work in the physical form. I am also lucky to have a wonderful team of skilled craftsmen who help make these designs a reality.
— Dustin Kroft

Our multi-disciplinary studio is focused heavily on the design of furniture and objects as well as the age old craft of woodworking. We have been commissioned to collaborate on interiors, complete custom commercial and residential furniture commissions and more. 

We are open to a variety of different design and manufacturing opportunities. For more information, please contact us.