5 Reasons why our Modern Shelves for Nurseries are a Hit

  • by Dustin Kroft

Nusery Shelving Ideas

Modern Nursery Shelves

If you are looking for shelves or design ideas for your new nursery than look no further. There are a lot of options for nursery shelves for your kids room all over the internet but we want to help you understand why - gulp! - ours are the best! 

We don't love bragging about our shelves for nurseries but the proof is in the pudding! Just read through some of the reviews on our online store or even over on our Etsy stores where on this date, we have a combined 700 reviews. With an average rating close to 5! 

Want to skip the article and check out your options? Then check out our Floating Shelves for Nurseries.

So, without further adieu, I would like to elaborate on why you won't find a better floating shelf for your nursery anywhere else.

1. Premium Materials

Yes, you heard it here. We only use the best materials available. When we purchase the wood shelf, we only buy the best grade of lumber. If we may nerd out a little that means ordering FAS (First and Seconds). This helps us procure wood that has as few defects as possible. Our leather straps are also selected and fabricated from top grade natural veg tanned leather. Combinging all of these natural and beautiful materials are what sets our shelves apart from the rest. 

2. Natural Low VOC finish

When you purchase cheap or inexpensive shelving for your nursery, it almost always spray finished using solvent rich finishes in a mass production setting. I don't know about you, but I definitely don't want all those finishes off gasing in my kids room. If you want a shelf or shelving system for your baby room, kids room or nursery that is environmentally friendly and sensitive, ours is a good choice. We use an oil/wax finish that has natural ingredients and is extremely low VOC.

 3. Good Design

Ok, there are lots of great design ideas and inspiration when it comes to shelving inspo for your new nursery. We won't say there isn't a better designed shelf out there becuase there are some good options when it comes to modern floating shelves for your nursery. But ours is well considered and thoughtful. The bullnose profile on the front of the wood shelf allows the leather to seamlessly wrap around it. The proportions are extremely well considered and we even provide finishing washers for high end brass screws to give that classy touch. 

Deiter Rams also once said that only something well made can be beautiful. We operate under that premise every single day and even though our floating shelf is just a finely milled board of wood and leather straps, there is tremendous care that goes into turning these raw materials into something specail.

4. Easy to Install

We provide a mounting guide that allows for super easy installation of our floating shelf. Just install the provided hardware and slide the wood shelf into the straps and presto! In around 5 minutes you'll be able to store many different items from your nursery right onto our modern shelves.

5. Quickship

Because these nursery shelves have become a signature piece for us, they are always in stock in all of the different sizes. Need shelves for your nursery in a jiffy? These will ship next day and arrive within 2-6 days depending on where you reside in North America. Don't worry, we do ship worldwide too!

So, if you are looking for ideas for your nursery and can't find the perfect modern furniture piece, have a look through our catalogue. We have a lot of different items, in addition to our modern floating shelves, that will help you achieve the perfect modern and well designed nursery.

Floating Shelves for Nursery


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