The Shoemakers Son

  • by Dustin Kroft

The shoemakers son always goes barefoot. Cliche, but it is true. Since starting this business 3 years ago there is little proof of my work anywhere in my home. It always feels like my customers deserve the best of what we have. That really great Walnut that we just got in or the painstaking time it takes to build fine bespoke pieces.

My wife has been begging for Nightstands and I honestly just haven't gotten around to it. I guess it doesn't help that we haven't fully aligned yet in terms of an appropriate size and design yet either! 

Five months ago after months of prototyping and testing, we released the Buoy, a simple and modern floating nightstand. It is a design I am proud of and likely one of our more successful products! An obvious answer for the void that exists beside our bed. A floating nightstand was never fully discussed but my wife is out of town and I felt it was the perfect opportunity to steal a newly produced Buoy from the shop and bring it home.

I have installed at least two dozen of these over the past 5 months for photoshoots, testing and the latest Interior Design Show in Toronto. But, I had never installed it into wood studs. I must say, it was the simplest, fastest and most gratifying experience (we are actually in the middle of improving this experience with a proprietary cleat system). Anyway, I can't say how good it is to finally have a nightstand. The floating nightstand works perfect in our room and I absolutely love how clean it is around it.

I am really excited to start living with it to further improve my understanding of how products like these impact our lives. I took some photo's and have included them so you can see my new purchase :). The Buoy in the pictures is the large size and comfortably fits a large book, phone, glasses and either an alarm clock or a lamp. If you have a nightstand that you love or that you want to get rid of, write about it in the comments below. It is always great to better understand what people want and need from their furniture.

Floating Nightstand Modern

Floating nightstand with Drawer

Wall Mounted Nightstand

Floating shelf with drawer


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