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  • by Dustin Kroft

December will mark the completion of our fourth year in business. When you start a business, it is easy to feel like people won't take you seriously or trust you if you don't appear BIG and established. I think with this business, I definitely felt that way. It is a big ask to get someone to purchase something online they have never seen before. I wanted to present a message that we could be trusted! As a result, I don't feel like I have ever even introduced myself since day one, likely out of fear that we may appear small or undeveloped.

I have been feeling a little disconnected so I thought I would make a better attempt at putting myself forward once in a while.

That guy to the left is me. I am married with three children and I put my life and family on the line when I sold my first company five years ago to pursue a passion for design. I chose furniture as my medium because I felt it suited my personality best and was the ideal way for me to be able to express myself. It also allowed me to get into manufacturing which I was advised against. But, I am not really one to swim with the current, for better or worse. I love the fact that we make everything and I love it even more that we get to control our quality and fully understand every corner of our product.

KROFT is a small team of 5 including myself. We work incredibly hard to keep production going while managing custom projects. At first, we would do just about anything for anyone! It was really hard getting people to trust us or switch fabricators on the trade side. But eventually, we proved ourselves one project at a time and developed a reputation locally and abroad for high standards and great service.

My family

The furniture business is tough! But what business isn't? I am fuelled by a deep passion for what I do and my family. Learning how to manufacture was a great challenge but I had some great people assist me along the way and I am very proud of our facility. It is clean, organized and filled with other people who share the same interests and drive that I do. 

We have incredibly high standards. I hesitate to use too many buzzwords when I describe our work or our company because they have been watered down by others trying to capitalize on many people's desire to buy things that are crafted by someone who is doing more than just a 9-5. It's probably foolish because there are so many details and adjectives that could be used to describe what goes into making every piece. And the great detail we pay attention to things like sanding and finishing. They are small details but when you see our work next to something that doesn't have the same pride of authorship, there is a big difference.

I want to make more of an effort to draw the curtain back and be more real about the fact that I am wearing many hats and doing a lot of things to try and grow our brand. My personal goal is to be able to design and make things that I can share with people. Not too ambitious but it is really all I care about professionally.

The goal for the business is to grow our product line and create a consumer products brand that is known for quality and service. We are fortunate to have been helped so much along the way by the media and other people in the industry. We also are grateful that our products have been shipped all over the world and we thrive on being able to connect with so many individuals from so many walks of life.

This website may lack some personality and a real story. I try to make it about the products. I am not interested in selling myself, just our work. I hope this blog post has provided a little more background. We also hope that we can be a part of your environment at some point in the future; whether it be the home, office or retail environment. Sharing our work with you bring us joy and we hope our products do the same for you.

A lot of people write blogs for reasons other than to just write or tell a story. I am curious how much of our blog actually gets read. If you are reading this, it would mean a lot to me if you posted a comment. Say hello, or let me know if I can answer any questions of yours.

Thank you for reading and thanks for allowing me to design and make things.

Oh, and if you made it this far into the post use coupon code FIRST10 at checkout for 10% off your first purchase. 


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  • I made it this far :) thanks for sharing your thoughts! I have a similar passion for beautiful wood products for the home. I really love this company!


    Ivy on
  • Hello!
    I enjoyed reading your blog. I practice minimalism, so your products really appealed to me. Less really does say more!

    Jane Mitchell on

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