Ceiling Mounted Hanging Clothes Rack

Posted by Dustin Kroft on

Our new Hanging Clothes Rack - perfect for retail stores, pop ups and your home -  launched at the Interior Design Show last January.

Retail Clothes Hanging Rack

When asked how to describe our new product for hanging clothes, we usually describe it is a pop up closet. With up to 48" of hanging space, our garment rack is handcrafted and designed to hold clothing, throw blankets and any else that can hang or drape from the solid wood rod.

Home dwellers love it because it solves their closet issues and retailers are using it as a garment clothing rack for merchandising at their retail stores. Just in the last few months this clothes hanging rack has been featured in local shops Drake General Store, Average, KOTN and will soon be on display at Frankies Surf Club in the Muskoka's. 

But just because it is a commercial grade clothing rack doesn't mean it can't work in your home. Whether you need closet space in your entryway, bedroom or mudroom, our ceiling mounted hanging clothes rack is an affordable and well made solution.

Mounting is super easy with our custom machined aluminum stand offs that just screw directly to the studs in your ceiling or any other wood cladding in your ceiling.


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