Custom Shelving Unit

  • by Dustin Kroft

Sometimes when I design something, I just know that the proportions, scale, function and materials are just right. That was definitely the case with the low shelving unit. What I always find interesting is how people envision our designs in their home.

Our Low Shelving Unit connected with our customer base instantaneously.

A lot of the time, customers are happy with the decisions we have made regarding sizing. But other times, there is a vision for some of our products to function in supplementary ways. Some people may incorrectly assume that we don't like this but we love offering modifications to our product line. Firstly, it throws our skilled furniture makers a curve ball testing them to come up with creative solutions and tooling to make things work. Secondly, we need the feedback to make sure we are doing everything we can to offer the right products at the right size in the right finishes.

The low shelving unit has hit a need of a lot of homeowners for versatile storage packed into a little modern shelf.

But we have also fielded a lot of requests to customize this product into something much larger; sometimes as a tv console and other times just as a scaled up version of what it already is.

The dozens of custom requests for this shelving unit in a different size has got me thinking about offering a standard new size for the shelf. But it may be premature to do so. One early example of a custom version of this shelf was for a customer in New York City. The picture above shows a custom shelf that is 50" x 11-1/4" x 16" high. 

We also produced a turntable and record storage version of this for a customer in California. The lower shelf had custom brass dowels that slid along a channel to allow for storage of the records.

Recently, we continue to get more requests which typically fall between 45-55" in length with varying depths and heights. These requests have prompted us to invest in new tooling to allow us to maintain the structural integrity of the shelving unit as it scales up. We also make the shelves thicker so they are able to withstand a heavier load.

Why are we writing about custom low shelving units? Good question! I guess we want to hear from you. Either in the form of an opinion in the comments below or in the form of a request for your home. What size would you want this in? What other finishes or species would you like to see?

Stay tuned to our instagram feed over the next few weeks as you will see more completed custom low shelving units coming out of the shop. Here is a picture of one of them in progress right now. For this one, we have placed the legs on the corners to more resemble the design of our modern side table. This will receive a custom black finish.

Custom Shelving Unit Modern


Here is another project that we recently completed of a modified low shelving unit.

Custom Low Shelving Units


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