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Our Doodle Table was released into production two years ago and has become one of our more popular items. However, as our online store migrates to smaller more shippable items, we have moved the sale of this table from a standard stock item in our store to our Made to Order series. You can find more pictures of our Doodle Table there as well.

We have only a few frames left over from previous batches as clear room in our warehouse for inventory of new items in our store. As a result, we have 3 frames that are left in stock that can be customized to your specifications.

1 x 84 x 36 x 29 1/2

2 x 60 x 36 x 29 1/2

All three of these frames have a matte black powder coating. The feet - the solid wood inserts at the bottom of the legs - can be made in either Walnut, Ash or White Oak with a variety of applied finishes.

The top can be either veneer or Fenix NTM which we are using a lot lately for this table and which we featured recently at the Interior Design Show in Toronto.

Our Doodle Table is in homes from New York City to Vancouver but is also a popular item in offices as a desk, collaborative space table and even as a boardroom table.

The Doodle Table is incredibly durable with its metal construction. It also features knock down legs. Combined with the Fenix Top this table is extremely maintenance free and strong.

If you are interested in this table at either of the sizes below, please contact us to see if they are still available and with your selection for the solid wood feet and top. We will provide you with discounted pricing as part of this clearance program.

Please note that this sale is only going on while quantities last.


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1 Comment

  • How much is your doodle table in both the 60 and 84 inch frame? Does the 60 inch seat 6?
    Hildi Weiman on

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