Floating Metal Shelves

  • by Dustin Kroft

Floating Metal Shelves

We are going into production soon on our metal wall shelf and we want to know what color you would like to see them produced in.

Since we launched our floating metal shelves two years ago we have experimented with different colors. Originally our metal wall shelf was available in black or oxford white - which was white with just a touch of grey.

In our last batch we produced the metal shelves in just pure white so that they didn't have to compete with anything and could be more useful in a commercial setting. Our floating metal shelves are used a lot in showrooms, offices and other creative businesses.

Now, we are just weeks away from going into production on our floating metal shelves and we are considering adding a color. We want to know what color you would like to see them in? Do you have a space in your home where you could use a metal wall shelf? If so, what would your dream color be for that shelf?

Our floating metal shelves are made here in Canada so it's nice to be able to test out new colors and designs without having extended lead times or research and development periods. If you have been thinking about purchasing one of our floating metal shelves, let us know what color you would want. All you have to do is just comment below.

We also would love feedback about sizes. Are our metal wall shelves the right size? Would you like to see them bigger, smaller or with other features. We rely on your feedback to bring you the best design possible.

Here are the two colors we have been thinking about using:

RAL 6020 RAL 5002


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