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We are always in search of great colors for a variety of reason. The fact that they are fun and can add substance to a space goes without saying. Another benefit is environmental. Wait what? Yes it is true. Wood is a natural and organic material. When companies like ours purchase it in the volume we do, there aren't always controls on the coloring and grain. We do our best to make our furniture and accessories using coloring and grain that is reflective of the pictures on our website. So what do we do when it isn't?

That is where color comes in. Imagine the waste in throwing out boards of lumber searching for the right color or grain. It is painful to think of the waste! Color offers us the ability to still use quality lumber that may be too dark or too light. So, that brings me to the new color; Dark Green. Green is something we tend to lean on subconsciously. Really don't understand why but it is a warm and inviting color and goes well with a lot of the natural woods we use.

Here is our Low Shelving Unit in the color. Love it? Could do without it? Let us know what you think by posting a comment!

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