Hanging Clothes Rack

We have gotten amazing feedback about our hanging clothing rack since we launched it late last year. The retail clothes rack was officially launched at the Interior Design Show in January of 2018. Since then, this clothes rack has been featured in the press in magazines like House and Home's August issue.

A few weeks ago someone commented on one of our social media posts how he felt it wasn't worth the purchase price. At first, I was naturally defensive but then I realized that we maybe were communicating well enough what goes into making our retail hanging clothes rack. Here is why it is more than a DIY wood rod with cord.

Strong Solid Hardwoods

We use White Oak or Ash to make the rod. They are incredibly strong hardwoods and provide the strength needed to hold up your items. Buying birch or pine dowels from your local hardware store won't do. I have seen them in many shops. They sag heavily in the middle because they are not thick or wide enough and strong enough to support your product or clothing.

Groovy Baby

We rout a channel through the bottom of every HNGR so that the cord can elegantly feed through the wood rod. This allows you the ability to level the rod with absolutely ease and without making micro adjustments to the cord length.

Aluminum Hardware

We use local machinists to carefully mill out Aluminum stock to custom stand offs that hold the cord end. The hardware is professionally finished and is the perfect termination to the cord at your ceiling. Beats an unfinished eye bolt or hook and offers a great visual balance to our hanging clothes rack.

1/4" Paramax Paracord

The 1/4" paramax paracord that we use is a higher grade and strength than regular store bought paracord which gives our hanging clothes rack extra strength. It has 1200 lbs of tensile strength! We also burn the ends of the cord so that they neatly fit through the groove in the rod and into the cord strain that captures the end of the cord in the hardware.


Yes, this may be an over-used buzz word but it really does describe what we do. Working materials like wood with your hand results in a more beautiful and finely crafted product. Our wood rods are hand sanded and treated and then professionally finished.

So, this isn't your average DIY hanging rack. There is a lot of thought, design, research and development in this product. We take it seriously and we are proud of all the iterations and testing we have done to come up with this seemingly simple product. I have attached a video and an image of our hanging clothes rack below but you can also visit the product in our store.


Hanging Clothes Rack

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