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Searching for a modern Clothes Drying Rack for your Laundry Room?

The search is over. Our Hanging Clothes Rack looks great, sets up in minutes and saves you space!

When we launched our hanging clothes rack, the retail store and the bedroom was always the intent for this functional piece. We love when people use it in creative ways which we thought would include draping a throw over it in a living space or even hanging some macrame planters from it. 

The last thing we thought it would be used for is to dry clothes in laundry rooms. But now that we see our customers using our Hanging Clothes Rack as a drying rack idea for the laundry room it makes so much sense.

I guess traditionally the options for drying racks were typically the fold out awkward options that you see in so many homes. Using a hanging rack to dry your clothes makes so much more sense though because it completely frees up space and most laundry rooms aren't exactly full of that.

We have had some reviews lately for our metal hanging clothes rack and the pictures are showing it being used in the laundry room. Because the cord is adjustable it can fit just about anywhere too!

Laundry Room Drying Rack Hanging 

The best thing about our clothes racks is that they are always in stock and ship the next day. They are also really easy to install and we have a special video that takes you through the steps. If you have been searching for ideas for Laundry Room Drying Racks, then look no further. Our Drying Clothes Racks look great and help you save space.

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