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The Problem

Working with solid wood is complex and a lot of the complexities are only truly understood by those who work with this fantastic resource every day. No tree is alike and inside the tree color and grain can vary drastically. Without getting too much into the technicalities, what we are trying to say is that some sections of trees or trees themselves yield clean and beautiful grain and others not so much. 

We made it a promise to ourselves that we would do whatever we could to not waste this precious resource and we would do our part to use every part of the tree that we could. This is one of the main reasons why we offer dyed and stained finishes.

White Ash Panels

The Solution

Sometimes what separates the A and B pile can be minor grain or color issues. The B panels (A panel is a glue up of multiple boards side by side to create a larger surface) or shelves in this particular case are most often just a color that is not consistent enough with how the unit is photographed. They may be slightly darker or even have some peachy or darker colors in them.

What we have decided to do is to continue fabrication on these panels to produce a limited series of Low Shelving Unit Seconds (B+C). There is nothing wrong with these structurally and some people may even prefer the darker tones. But we don't feel right selling them as A units because of the color. The C units have unsightly coloring that we are going to sell unfinished for customers who may want to stain/paint/finish themselves. 

How to Buy?

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