A wall magazine rack made for more than magazines

  • by Dustin Kroft

It's not a secret that magazines aren't as popular as they once were. The digital age has robbed us of this old form of media that seemed to sometimes help slow us down. So why on earth did we decide to design and build a handmade magazine rack? It's a good question. For one thing, wall magazine racks like ours are meant for way more than just magazines. I'll get to that in a bit. Aside form their multi-functional attributes, I love magazines and I thought designing a modern magazine would serve others like me who still get nostalgic and excited about flipping through some physical rather than digital.

Wall Magazine Rack Modern

Growing up I had magazines everywhere around our home. From Architectural Digest to Interior Design magazine, there were lots of images and stories to swoon and lust over. The magazines typically piled up somewhere in the home. They needed some kind of storage solution! It almost seems there are more magazine racks available today than there were when magazines were more common in the home.

We look at our magazine rack as a piece of vertical storage. As a designer, I dream about all the different ways people can get creative with my work. I love the idea of there being some originality and individuality to the way our handcrafted furniture and accessories are used. Our magazine rack is no different. Its solid wood construction makes it really sturdy and the integrated leather strap helps to keep items safe inside. If you decided to store an Ipad or even a laptop inside the shelf, you could have some comfort knowing the leather strap would keep it from tipping over.

So, what do you need vertical storage for? Our wall mounted magazine rack would work wonderfully in a kitchen to hold plates, in a home office to store creative tools and paper, in an entryway of a home or in a restaurant or cafe to hold menus.

Wall mounted things can be a pain sometimes so we have made mounting this piece to your wall easy. Typically we try and avoid exposed hardware - unless we really want to show off something special - but this magazine rack just uses three screws to attach to your wall. We even provide all the hardware and drywall anchors for installation. It is a breeze!

Let us know what you think about magazines and how you store them in the comments section. 


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