A makeup mirror that will brighten up your vanity

We are pleased to release a new product to the KROFT family this week; A makeup mirror. The story behind the creation of this new product isn't atypical of lead designer Dustin Kroft's creative process. A prototype from 2018 required a profiled mirror that would integrate with a floating shelf but the product was not green lighted after some tinkering and iterations.

Black Vanity Makeup Mirror

The mirror ended up standing in Kroft's kitchen last year leaning up against the backsplash.

"I brought it home one day and enjoyed it as a standalone and frameless mirror in my kitchen."

After bringing some Douglas Fir off cuts from a custom project for the newly renovated Drake Hotel in Toronto, Kroft decided to use them as rolling pins. One afternoon after baking, one of the dowels fell over and rolled into the mirror. The interplay between the two objects spawned this new addition to our collection.

"It was immediately obvious to me that these two objects married so well together. All that was left to do from there was to model the tabletop mirror and get all of the dimensions and proportions right. After that was completed, I wanted to find the simplest and most effective way to keep the mirror tilted at the right angle and from falling over."

We are really excited to release this beautiful accident. It is available in three different finishes. The makeup mirror works great on a vanity, a console table, a desk or even in the kitchen! The mirror is acrylic and not glass which has a number of benefits and is a first for KROFT.

Vanity Mirror Standing