We love working with companies on branding and merchandising projects.

This past month we have been working closely with Ace Valley, a Canadian cannabis brand, to create merchandising solutions for their growing cannabis products.

Founder Dustin Kroft, in collaboration with the Ace Valley team, worked on a wall mounted merchandising display that incorporated the brands colors and flavor. The project was a lot of fun, particularly because of the colors we got to work with. It is always amazing to see any color get matched by our suppliers into a finish that we can spray.

Ace Valley Cannabis

We also did some custom stools and hooks for them in their colors to go in their new Toronto office.

We did something unique for the first time and painted the screws the same color as the stool (rather than the black they are typically coated).

Blue Stool

The work for the first mockup of the merchandising shelf was relatively straight forward but there was some hand work and routing that needed to be done so that the colored backers on the shelves fit snug.

Merchandising Toronto

We will post the final work along with some other new items we are currently designing for this up and coming brand.