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Retail Clothes Racks TKEES

Products in Images: Metal Hanging Clothes Rack 50", Metal Hanging Clothes Rack 40", Hanging Clothes Rack 33", Leather Strap Shelf, Low Shelving Unit Double, Shelving Unit

It is purely an accident that our products have become well suited for modern retail stores. Most of our products are designed with the home in mind, but after launching our retail clothes racks in 2018, they immediately started to pop up in fashion boutiques and clothing stores all over the world - From Singapore to Puerto Rico.

After closer examination, and feedback from retailers, it is become clear that many of our products support retailers; particularly in the fashion or home space. This has prompted us to further examine the case study for more products; including displays and you guessed it, clothes racks.

We thought we would make a master list of all the ways we can help your retail store with their merchandising utilizing our existing line up of products. These following products are most commonly used to merchandise and display products in your retail store.

Clothes Racks

Retail Clothing Rack Apparel

Modern Retail Clothes Racks

As you can see from the images above, our clothes racks can be used in a variety of retail environments. They are offered in 3 sizes and also in two finishes. The small clothing rack comes with a wood rod and the two larger sizes are offered with a metal rod. You may ask why our larger clothes racks don't come with a wood rod. The reason is that over a longer span, the wood rods will deflect or bend over time. We want your clothes or whatever it is that you are hanging on the racks to look good so we opt for a stronger metal rack over the longer spans. 

Clothes Racks for Retail Stores

They are also really easy - if not fun - to install. Check out this video which takes you through the process.

If you are looking for a sturdy and reliable hanging clothes racks, these are the best available. We can confidently say that because we have 5 years of research, development and design audits in these racks. We have taken a lot of time to source and manufacture the absolute best components to make this clothing rack easy to install and reliable. The stand offs that mount to the ceiling are custom machined by us. The male and female components open up to allow for really quick and easy installation.  The cord is 1/4" diameter para cord that has a tensile strength of 1200 pounds! And the rods are finished to perfection by our craftspeople in-house.

Retail hanging clothes rack

If you are looking for a modern clothes rack that is original, our hanging clothes rack are the best option on the market. They have been trusted by some of the biggest and brightest retail stores in North America (and abroad). Learn more about all of our modern hanging clothes racks.

Shelving, Mirrors and other Accessories

We also have a basket of other retail display and merchandising products that work great in a modern retail environment. Particularly one that has wood accents or a warm and minimal style. Choose from shelving, wall mounted shelving, wall hooks and more.

Modern Retail Shelving

Wall and Floor Shelving for Retail Stores

Retail Shelving Displays

For other retail display solutions, check out our shelving products, wooden wall hooks and a table mirror which works great in hat shops, optical stores and other retail applications.

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