New: Side Table

  • by Dustin Kroft

We don't launch new products often so we kind of like to make a big deal when we dream up something important enough that warrants the use of mother nature's precious resources. 

Our new modern Side Table is the perfect accompaniment to our collection of minimal and handcrafted shelves. We picture it in a modern bedroom as a bedside table but it can function as any kind of side or accent table in a living space, entryway or hallway.

The feature design element of this side table is not what is there but what isn't. The third leg stops short of the second shelf creating a much more functional lower shelf. While this design does not lend the top to having a significant amount of weight on it, it is still a modern side table that offers plenty of functional storage.

The side table is on the smaller side like many of our items for a variety of reasons but the design makes a large statement in any room. The table is constructed entirely from solid wood and features traditional joinery with a creative twist (can't say more than that!).

Side tables are a hard thing for small companies like ours to compete on as the market is already saturated with options. That is why we would never release a minimal side table like this unless we thought it really offered something unique to both our customers and prospective shoppers.

We are really proud of this new item and hope that you like it too. For more information about our small bedside table, check out the product listing in our shop and click the product sheet for more specs.


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