New: Modern Wall Hook

  • by Dustin Kroft

Our first wall hook in our collection, the Valet Wall Hook, has been well received. The three way wall hook is great in the entryway but it excels in the bedroom as a valet to help you sort what you wore that day or what you want to wear the next day. The Valet Wall Hook has been used in a variety of other interesting ways and it’s the creativity and imagination about wall hooks that make us love them!

We have been thinking a lot about adding a new wall hook to the collection and our latest wall hook (we did introduce a towel hook as well) is everything a wall hook should be; fun, unique and extremely sturdy.

Our new modern wall hook is inspired by the lollipop. The round wooden ball at the end floats off the wall to make for a great singular wall hook that can be used in just about every room in your home. 

The nature of the design years for fun with finishes and although it is currently only available in a natural Maple, we do plan on presenting some fresh options soon. The round wooden disc at the stem of the hook offers support to the hook and reduces deflection. The aluminum metal hardware extends out to provide an ample amount of space to drape something over it. 
The wall hook was designed by founder Dustin Kroft and is a welcome addition to our growing collection. Check out this modern wall hook and more in our online shop. 


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