New: Modern Floating Console Table

  • by Dustin Kroft

We have always had a love for case goods. There is something about being able to achieve composition, intrigue and thoughtful design that all sits inside a solid wood box! Our Floating Nightstand in White Oak or our Floating Nightstand in Walnut are examples of what modern, proportionate and well-crafted case goods means to us.

We have been slow to release anything new because we have to believe whole-heartedly in each product that we release. There being a need for something isn't the only condition to warranting an investment in a new product. The world doesn't need more of everything so we take our time and wait for the right product idea to come along. What defines the right idea to us is generally something that either doesn't fully exist or something that seems to be less served in the marketplace.

Our new Floating Console Table does just that. A search online for modern floating console tables will leave something to be desired (at least to us). That is why we have been working on a new concept for a floating console for the last 6 months. I am not saying that the design is the culmination of 6 months of work but good design generally means slow design and so it takes time for ideas and concepts to fully form. When deciding on whether or floating console was ready to be released, we take a look at function first and then form second. What that means is looking at the sliding door mechanism on the floating console and then examining what the right dimensions are for the shelf.

Modern Floating Console Table

What makes our wall mounted console table unique? Well first of all, it is designed to fit within our own ecosystem of entryway products. The entryway is so interesting to us as designers because it sets us off on our journeys each day and welcomes us home as well. This interaction with this area of the home is so regular that it can have a great impact on each and every day we live. So, designing products for the entryway comes with the responsibility of making them equal parts form and function.

Our floating entryway table is made with the purest of ingredients. That is always the most important thing. As Deiter Rams once said, "only something that is well made can be beautiful". And being beautiful starts with using beautiful ingredients. The solid wood case features an angular facade which interfaces nicely with our Peg Rail and our Wall Mirror with a Ledge.

Floating Console Table Modern

The well sanded and finished surface provides a place for plants, key bowls and lamps. At around 8-3/8" of depth, it is deep enough to manage all of your essentials but shallow enough to keep a low profile. The doors of the floating console slide in integrated tracks. The shop made hardware is subtle and well positioned. It also allows for the doors on this floating console table to easily open and close to get access to the interior.

The best part about this new floating console is that we are accepting custom requests. That means if you want it in a specific wood species, length or finish, we can provide you with a quote and make it to your specifications. If you are looking for a custom floating console table or would like to learn more about our standard wall console table, check it out. For more information, feel free to click the bottom down below on the right to speak with a live product specialist.



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  • Hi
    I would be interested in the floating console in walnut.
    Is it available? What are the dimensions?

    Alex on
  • Hello, I would be interested in getting a quote on the floating console with sliding doors. We would use it as a media console so one hole for cables in the back would be required. We would like the unit to be 55 wide.

    Thanks. Lee

    Lee on

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