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Our new metal clothes rack is here and we are really excited. With the success of our hanging clothes rack, we got inspired to spin off a new clothing rack that can be used in the home, in a retail store or at a pop up shop for merchandising. The new clothes rack is definitely geared more towards merchandisers who need solutions for hanging clothes in stores.

Due to the smaller spaces we are living in and the lack of clothing storage or closet space, we designed our original hanging clothes rack to give people a new option to hang their clothes. 

Wardrobes are great but they take up a lot of space and can be quite expensive. That was the main motivation behind developing this product. A solution for hanging clothes anywhere, in just minutes. It was all about designing a clothes rack that was stylish, functional and really easy to set up.

Although our ceiling mounted clothes rack was designed to the home, retail store owners and designers quickly gravitated towards this product. It wasn’t long before our hanging clothes rack was being in used in small boutique shops and large retail outlets like Knix and Vince. 

Retail Hanging Clothes Rack

The clothing rack also garnered the attention of hospitality designers and was specified for some hotel projects across the US and Canada. Here we see our black hanging clothes rack used in a hotel project in Silverton Colorado. The hotel is called Wyman. The clothing rack is our 32" size and serves as an open closet for each guest room.

Black Hanging Clothes Rack

Why the new Clothes Rack?

We wanted to bring something new and fresh to this product and offer something a little different. We also wanted something in a different material and finish for a variety of reasons. The metal rod offers a little more strength than the wood rod and it gives us almost limitless possibilities in terms of finish and length.

The rod is really the main difference in the new metal hanging clothes rack. The cord and ceiling mounting hardware is the same. The metal bar offers a little more capacity in terms of its ability to support more clothes and it also allows us to offer a pure white option. We love well made and nicely coated metal work but we can’t help but add a little solid wood. The solid wood caps offer a different texture and warmth to the piece and also expose the inner tube to feed the cord through. Feeding the cord through our hanging clothes rack is important because it allows the piece to be self levelling. 


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