New Release: Woodie Wood Magnets

We got a magnet board in my house recently and I wanted to show off some of my kids artwork and school projects. I searched high and low for modern magnets. Something that was as beautiful as the work it was holding!

I couldn't find any magnets that were worth of our board so it got me thinking about modern magnets and how we could create a magnet that was worthy of our collection. After some sketching, prototyping and research we landed on something that was super simple, geometrical and nice to look at. These magnets are not trendy or decorated in a way that will make you want to throw them away in a year. They are designed to last a lifetime.

They also come with rare earth magnets which have serious holding power. So, we are thrilled to announce this new addition to our collection. If you are looking for a modern magnet, have a look at our 3 and 5 pack options. The Woodie wood magnet is available in 2 finishes; Oak and Walnut.

You can see the options on the wood magnet page.

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