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Yesterday we were part of a feature on open style garment racks for people who have run out of closet space. The feature in Domino Magazine, was co-produced by Alexandra Gater, a DIY YouTube Design Star, who graciously has used some of our products in her recent makeovers.

The feature shows all the ways to DIY an open clothes rack for your bedroom. They have some wonderful tips but we must say that when you add all the parts up and the time and hassle of making the rack, you end up spending around what it costs to purchase our hanging clothes rack!

It's also not always possible to find bigger dowels for a DIY Clothes Rack. Going with two small a dowel can often mean bending in the middle of the rack because it can't support the weight.

Either way, whether you are crafting up your own solution to hang your clothes or purchasing ours, it is great that there are many options to tackle a lack of hanging space for your clothes in your closet.

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