Peg Rails: Our Modern Take

  • by Dustin Kroft

Our path to modernism and craft furniture really began with the shakers. After staying at a hotel in Washington DC that paid homage to their craft, lifestyle and furniture, I was immediately drawn in. Their purposeful approach to living and obsession with order was something that I related to. It truly inspired our first collection which launched in 2016. 

One of the simplest and most functional pieces was the peg rail. The shakers peg rail was used to organize their belongings and even their furniture and home accessories. There is no doubt they popularized the peg rail and even spawned many iterations as designers and makers imagined their own versions of it. 

Modern Peg Rail

We launched our first peg rail in 2016 which utilized linoleum and maple. It was a modern Peg Rail and we had some success with it but it became too expensive to produce with the linoleum lamination and we stopped production after a year. 

That didn’t take my mind off of the modern Peg Rail. I have thought about it ever since. Divine intervention struck several months ago when an off-cut sitting on a table saw inspired a new form. That new form could function really well as a peg rail and we decided to pursue this legendary piece once again. 

After some research and development we launched our Modern Peg Rail in two sizes; 26” with four pegs and 41” with 6 pegs. 

There are definitely longer or larger peg rails on the market but this scale and proportion of these two sizes felt right and offered the urban home a small but modern Peg Rail that could help them store their coats, hats and even kitchenware. 

If you haven’t seen our new peg rail head over to our store and have a look. The pegs are angled which keeps everything from falling off the pegs and the mounting mechanism - keyhole slots - make it really easy to mount to your wall. 


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