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It is not every day that we get to release a new product and so there is always a lot of excitement swirling around this time. This past summer and with covid on the mind, we put a lot of thought into how we could bring the outside indoors. As true lovers of plants, we ended up gravitating towards the idea of rethinking the indoor plant stand

Plant Stand Black

There are a lot of plant stands on the market that focus on singular planters. We wanted to design a stand for plants that would be more inclusive of multiple planters as well as other items. After several iterations we finally landed on the final proportions, finishes and composition. All that was left was to capture it and then share it with you! We couldn't be happier with how the plant stand turned out and now we are offering it for preorder.

Plant Stand White

The preorder launch gives us the ability to offer you this new product at the lowest price possible and we are all about value. Check out the listing for more info about our modern plant stand.

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