Sample + Seconds Sale 2021

  • by Amanda Perumal

Every year we accumulate either samples, floor models or seconds from either a blip in the manufacturing process or from returns that get damaged on their way back to us. This always leads us to some kind of sale so that someone can still make use of these completely functional products. Now that we have the new Toronto Furniture Store, we are going to hold this sale for walk in only. 

Due to the volume of items, we cannot offer photos of any of these items. You will have to go to the store to see them for yourself. We also cannot reserve any of these items but we will place on hold for you if you email us before 12pm on the 29th. Otherwise, the rest of the items are first come first serve. Items that are held will be reserved until 4pm on Wednesday at which we will release them. To hold an item, please email us at hello @ kroft . co with your details.

The following is a list of items that are at the store and are available:

  • (1 Sold) 10 Left Black Peg Rail Large (6 Pegs) - very small finishing defect around the pegs. Some barely noticeable - Reg. $99 / Sale $49
  • (Sold) - 23” Leather Strap Shelves with extremely minor defects - Reg. $79 / Sale $40
  • (11 Sold) 1 Left 40" Black Metal Hanging Clothes Rack - holes should be 32" apart to line up with studs that run perpendicular to the rack. These still work when studs run parallel with the rack or for other mounting scenarios - Reg. $124 / Sale $55
  • (1 Sold) 1 Left Low Shelving Unit Double • Natural Finish - This has a small dent on the end grain on the end of the one of the shelves. It is extremely minimal and easy to tuck into a corner - Reg. $849 / Sale $590
  • (1 Sold) 1 Left Low Shelving Unit • Natural Finish - One has a small natural defect on the edge of the panel and the other has a dent on the end of it. Nothing major but definitely noticeable - Reg. $349 / Sale $190
  • (Sold) Custom White Stained Finish - In perfect condition - Reg. $349 / Sale $269
  • (Sold) Shelving Unit (3 Tier) in Black. Has finish defect size of toonie on top shelf. Reg. $469 / Sale $265
  • (Sold) 2x Floating Nightstand in White Oak - The front corner of one of these is dented in. It is very noticeable but the unit is more than functional. These can only be sold as a pair. - Reg. $1238 / Sale $600
  • (2 Sold) 1 Left Leather Strap Shelf - 35" in a vintage brown finish - $55
  • (Sold) Leather Strap Shelf - 23" in a vintage brown finish - $40
  • 1x Black Plant Stand - very small finishing defect. Otherwise perfect - Reg. $389 / Sale $250
  • (Sold) 1x Black Short Wall Ledge (16")  - Very minimal finishing blemish - Reg. $82 / Sale $30

The store will be open on the 29th and 30th from 12-6. We will do our best to update this post as these items sell. 


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