Seconds Sale: Holiday Edition

  • by Dustin Kroft

The following items are available for sale as seconds. We have done our best to describe the issues with the products and have discounted them fairly for their specific inadequacies. There are limited quantities of each and we will highlight the product title in red when they are sold out. 

We have made ordering these really simple. There is a discount code below that will apply to each product. Simply add the product to your cart and then use the code below at checkout. We will match the code to the product and ship the seconds for you.

Peg Rail

We are super picky about the color and grain on these. Anything that is slightly less than perfect becomes a second. Use the code below for 25% off any slightly imperfect Peg Rails.  6 pegs are limited in natural and black.

Discount: 20% / Code: 3QHG6MGCDHA2

Double Wall Shelf

B color and grain on some natural units. Only 2 30" and 1 60".

Discount: 35% / Code: BV2JPP3XXWP1

Leather Strap Shelf

We have a few of each size that have color or grain issues with the shelf. These shelves are completely functional and just haven't passed our test for clear and/or consistent grain or color.

Discount: 15% / Code: XHQDC4AES9RD

Hanging Metal Clothes Racks

We have 40" Black Clothes Racks and 50" White Clothes Racks with holes that were not drilled in the right place. The holes for the 40" should be 32", these are around 38" apart. The holes for the 50" racks should be 48" but they are 43". So, these will only install where the studs are running perpendicular to your rack or where you don't require studs for installation.

We also have 4 of the 50" racks in black and 3 of the 40" racks in white that have some finishing defects. 

Discount: 40% / Code: JB06ZPPXN5V6

Shelving Unit Series - B's

Please see this blog Article. These are completely functional and brand new without defects other than the color and grain of the shelves does not pass our quality control. Available in Low Shelving Unit, Shelving Unit and Low Shelving Unit Doubles. Some people have commented that they don't know why they are B's so you may be more than pleasantly surprised. These will ship 1-2 weeks from purchase.

We are running low on these.

Discount: 30% / Code: JKSXDT8T2ET9

Side Table - Black Finish

We have 3 (3 sold) of these and the defects are different on each one. At 60% off we are not able to describe the defects.

Discount: 60% / Code: AH7A1HBHT4N2

Low Shelving Unit Double - Black

Sold. There is a small - almost impossible to see - crack in the top shelf. Other than that, it is in perfect order.

Discount: 40% / Code: 3ZDVE596FZHQ


*If you are local (Toronto, Canada), email us at for even steeper discounts for local pick ups of the items below. All items are final sale.


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