Let's face it. When we welcome a new addition to our family into the world we want to surround them with the best of everything. The best books, the best sheets and thoughtful and environmentally friendly furniture! Decorating nurseries or looking for nursery design ideas is something a lot of design-conscious moms and dads do.

When we design our furniture we don't always imagine the many ways it can be used. In the last couple of months, our Low Shelving Unit has been featured in two beautiful nursery makeovers. The homeowners were looking for nursery shelves that could house some books, some toys, etc and add style and warmth to the room.

Low Shelving Unit

After seeing these two nurseries be completed with our shelves, it got me thinking that we actually have a lot of nursery design ideas that could incorporate our products. Our hooks, floating shelves and even our hanging clothes racks are great products for nurseries that offer function and style. We even offer custom finishes so if you wanted any of our products in a particular finish to match your nursery design, we could do that as well.

Nursery Shelving

Our Low Shelving Unit has been very popular since we released it and I am not surprised to see it work so well in a nursery. What is your go to for shelves for nurseries? How important is the design and decor of your own nursery. We hope you can incorporate our shelving products and other items into your babies environment.