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A lot is going on the shop these days. Some days there is a fine appreciation for what it means to be a manufacturer. Making things with your hands and tools brings an enormous amount of satisfaction. Being surrounded by natural materials and seeing our beautiful resource, solid wood, go through the process of being machined is still awe inspiring and soul filling!


But as the company grows and we become tied up with running the business we can lose sight of what really drives us to come to work everyday; to design and make things. We need to do a better job letting you in to our shop and showing how our operation works and what goes on behind the scenes. We need to celebrate it more! In lieu of this, we thought we would share some photos from a recent day of work on a Saturday. 

We do have to open sometimes on the weekend with a limited staff and often find these days the most productive as well as a chance to stop and smell the roses. If you have any requests of things you would like to see more of, please leave a comment on this post. We do read them!

Low Shelving Unit Legs


Floating Nightstand

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