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We have been lucky to share a reciprocal relationship with Canadian tech gem Shopify. Two and a half years ago we switched our online store to their platform and we haven't looked back. Shopify is a dream for e-commerce brands like ours and we have been in love ever since we made the change.

Doodle Tables

A few months later, we started working for the tech giant through a Canadian Architecture firm. The relationships quickly grew and our Made to Order Doodle Table has now made into several of their locations. We have also produced custom work - more sculptural or artisanal pieces for their various locations.

Kroft Doodle Table

This week Toronto Life did a feature on the new space which shows a meeting room with a custom Doodle Table. All of the Doodle Tables in the new office were retrofitted to receive a/v equipment and built to conceal all the cords that ran from the floor through to the top of the tables.

Shopify Toronto Office

In addition to the products that we make and sell to customers around the globe, we also love working with companies, architects and designers to produce furniture for the workspace, retail environment and hospitality industry. Holler at us if you want to discuss your project.

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