Summer Sale 2018

  • by Dustin Kroft

We are currently holding a sale on the following items. If you are interested in any of them, send us an e-mail for pricing. Everything is at least 50% off.

  • Standard Buoy 10 / Watermelon (x4)
  • Standard Buoy 10 / Salmon (x2)
  • Large Buoy Too in Oak (x1)
  • Standard Buoy Too in Oak (x2)
  • Standard Buoy Too in Walnut (x1)
  • Standard Buoy Too in Pine (x1)
  • Entryway Buoy Too in Walnut (x1)
  • HNGR in Salmon - 48" (x1)
  • HNGR in Black - 32" (x3)
  • Stir Bench in Off White - 42" (x1)
  • Doodle Table 84 x 42 (x1)
  • Doodle Table 84 x 36 (x1)
  • Doodle Table 60 x 36 (x2)
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