Top 10 Nursery Design Ideas

  • by Dustin Kroft

Top 10 Nursery Design Ideas

Nursery Design Modern

When your baby is due to arrive, it is important to take time to consider the design and décor of your new nursery room. Mother and baby will be spending a lot of time in the nursery, and so it is vital that the nursery room’s design and décor are aligned to produce the best environment possible for growth and special bonding time.

We are going to help you give your baby’s nursery room (or toddler or kids room) the ultimate design makeover. Here are ten design ideas on how to style and furnish a nursery that is functional, modern and cozy for your newborn baby boy or baby girl.

1. Nursery Storage for Toys and Books

This is the most crucial step when designing a nursery room. While you should strive for a clutter-free nursery room with plenty of floor space, you should also have a clear plan for where all of your baby’s items should be kept when they are not in use. This is especially important if the nursery itself is small.

And efficient storage doesn’t have to consist of unsightly plastic containers. Bins, baskets and shelves should be your nursery must-haves for keeping items within reach and organized.

If you are looking for nursery shelves, look no further than our leather strap shelf. It is made with 100% organic and natural materials, it is easy to install and provides a clean aesthetic. Store your books, your favorite kids toys or mementos from baby showers on the solid wood shelf. 

Our low shelving unit wasn't designed for nurseries but it is a great idea for nursery shelving and is even consistent with some of the shelving promoted by Montessori schools. Because of its height, it makes for the perfect shelving unit for your toddler to find and play with his or her toys, games or books. It also grows with your baby or toddler and can become a very functional item in your kids rooms or in other areas of the home.

Floating Shelf for Nursery

2. Use your Walls to Add Storage

When designing a nursery room, space is key. Your nursery room should be clutter-free and structured to allow for easy movement; the last thing you want is to tumble over baby items in the middle of the night with your bundle of joy.

A modern, chic, functional nursery design works best when storage and space are optimized. 

Mounted peg rails are a simple yet stylish décor item that maximize wall space by creating an area to hang baby accessories and towels.

Peg Rail for Kids Room

Floating wall storage units are sophisticated way to optimize your nursery wall space, creating a clean and airy nursery room.

Leather strap shelving is a stylish, modern vertical storage solution that has a myriad of uses within the nursery room. Easy to install and crafted with high-quality wood and vegan leather, this environmentally-conscious design essential would make a lovely addition to any nursery room.

3. Let the light in... Sometimes.

Babies are sensitive to changes in light within their environment. If possible, make sure the nursery room has access to windows for plenty of natural lighting during the day. It is also important to invest in proper curtains to ensure a darkened room will reduce disruption in your baby’s sleep.

Blackout shades and curtains are a wise investment to simulate nighttime in a dark room and to keep your baby calm during nap time. Installing a dimmer switch to gradually change light levels is also a wise investment, especially when navigating to the crib of your crying baby in the middle of the night.

4. Splurge on a textured and well made rug

Kids room shelving

This décor item is especially important if the floor of your nursery room is made of hardwood. A rug made of soft, textured material such as wool or cotton adds a touch of cozy chic to your environment and also serves to provide a unique tactile sensation for your baby boy or baby girl when they are in the crawling stage. It should also be easy to spot-clean.

5. Choose your colors wisely

Gone are the days when expectant parents had to paint the wall of the nursery room pink for a baby girl and blue for a baby boy. Instead, consider a soft grey palette or a dramatic design that incorporates black and white patterns.

Design-conscious adults understand that a gender-neutral color is not only the more modern design option, it is better for your baby’s brain development, as contrasting blacks and whites stimulate young minds better than the once-popular pastels of nurseries past.

Modern nursery room ideas

KROFT specializes in creating furniture items in custom colours to match the look and feel of any design project.

6. Pick a theme

Decorating a nursery room doesn’t have to mean a room plastered with Disney princesses, Winnie-the-Pooh and Paw Patrol. Wherever possible, avoid the trendy. Your newborn baby couldn’t care less what the room looks like, so long as it is a calm and nurturing environment. As such, you are free to create your dream nursery, and to cultivate a space that embodies your personal expression of taste and style.

For example, a clean, minimalist approach to the baby’s room may be to add wooden accents that tie together a clean, modern nursery aesthetic.


KROFT makes an array of high-quality handcrafted wooden furniture that feel right at home with any theme. Some leather strap shelving and low shelving units made of sturdy white ash would do nicely in a nursery room, and are unique and versatile enough to weather the whims and fancy of any design choice within the nursery.

7. Splurge on key pieces

Babies are expensive. It is tempting for parents to try to save on costs wherever possible, especially on items that are disposable. However, it is in the best interest of everyone involved to splurge on quality items for the nursery room.

The crib needs to be of good quality and solid, sturdy construction and abide by Canadian safety standards. A rocking chair or glider chair are two pieces of furniture that can stay a part of a home long after your baby has grown up.

High quality storage units such as nursery shelving are necessary to hold all of your baby’s things. For example, a leather strap shelving unit made of solid wood is simple yet effective and can hold a lot of weight.

And this classic low shelving unit pictured above would feel right at home complimenting any other piece of furniture, whether it’s a chair, a bed, or a crib.

It is important to cultivate a foundation of high-quality pieces to go along with cheaper, disposable items.

KROFT understands the importance of investment pieces and creates several high-quality, handcrafted items perfect for the nursery room and beyond.

8. Provide lots of sitting room

When your baby isn’t sleeping in the crib, they are likely being soothed by a parent. After hours of pacing back and forth to lull a crying infant to slumber, you’ll want a comfortable spot to rest your tired body.

Nursery Design Ideas Shelving and Storage

The aforementioned rocking chair and glider chair are key additions to the nursery, but for spouses and inquisitive siblings, extra seating should be offered either inside the nursery or near the entranceway to provide a peaceful respite from the rest of the home.

They need not be as large as a full-sized chair but they should still be sturdy and well-made, able to support the weight of a young child or a grown adult; a wooden stool or wood bench made from solid white ash by KROFT would do just as nicely to accommodate the occasional visitor to your nursery room.

9. Make the nursery baby proof

Your baby boy and baby girl will become an adventurous tyke, exploring your home and seeking out danger with abandon. The nursery, especially, should be a haven of safety and comfort. Hanging nursery shelves are your absolute best friend in this regard, as they keep essentials such as ointments and thermometers and glass bottles away from prying fingers.

For a simple yet effective design addition, an easy-to-install wall ledge shelf is a sensible choice for easy access and classic design within the nursery room.

For a more discrete storage solution, floating cabinets are also a smart option. Both pieces are easy to install well out of the reach of your baby boy or girl.

10. Design a modern nursery that will grow with your baby

Modern Boho Nursery

Your baby won’t be little forever. They will eventually grow, and as they do, so too, should the design and décor of the nursery grow and evolve. When design is done right, your child getting older will not mean that all the nursery furniture needs to be swapped out for new age-appropriate pieces.

A crib that can convert to a bed is a forward-thinking modular furniture item that will grow alongside your boy or girl, and a dresser can be repurposed to serve as a diaper changing station in your child’s early months.

If the aesthetic of the nursery was chosen for its long-term appeal, then practical, multifunctional décor solutions such as nursery shelving do not have to automatically be replaced after year one. A rack or floating cabinet which once held baby books and toys will also be handy to store magazines and sentimental keepsakes in the future.



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