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A book featuring over 50 Toronto makers has officially been released. Toronto Makes, a book written by Randi Bergman, was released and includes our founder, Dustin Kroft as one of the makers. 

Founder Dustin Kroft

Select work was photographed for the feature. Dustin was interviewed for the book so his story could be told about how he got into the furniture business and what his vision is for KROFT.

Here is a picture of our Floating Nightstand. The floating nightstand was once named Buoy - because it floats ;) - and this series was called the Buoy 10. The 10 represented the 10% shading that was added to the drawer. It offered a slight variation on the color of the case and added some depth and dimension to the piece. The Buoy 10 floating nightstand was available in Salmon, Watermelon and Pebble. This picture was photographed by Saty and Pratha with art direction by Wilson Wong.

Floating Nightstands

You can get a copy of Toronto Makes at


Toronto Makes Book


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