Walnut Wall Hooks / Limited Run

  • by Dustin Kroft

Walnut Wall Hooks

Walnut Wall Hooks available for a limited time

We just came off a weekend at a local craft show and there were a lot of people who loved our new modern Wall Hooks but were interested in Walnut. We love color and so we have produced a few variations of our new Wall Hooks to give some variety. We have Black Wall Hooks, Grey Wall Hooks and natural Ash Wall Hooks. But, we don't have Wall Hooks made from Walnut!

So, we decided this week to do a limited run of Walnut Wall Hooks. They should be completed by the end of the week and they won't last long because some are already pre-sold. If you are interested in getting some Walnut Wall Hooks for your home, send us an email and we will save some for you!


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