What is an oil finish?

  • by Dustin Kroft

A lot of our products mention a hand rubbed oil and wax finish. It sounds great but what does it mean? Here we will break down what our oil and wax finish is and its benefits.

The time lapse above shows us applying our oil and wax finish to our Leather Strap Shelf.

We use an oil from OSMO which is a made in Germany product dedicated to using natural products in its finishes. The result is a low VOC product that provides excellent resistance to dirt, water and common household spills and provides some durability and protection. If you need something that can take a beating, oil is generally not the best finish. It penetrates and doesn't build up incredibly well. That is the one of the two cons to an oil finish. The other being that it does require re-application at some point in the future. 

Those two cons come with a long list of pros. Along with it being more natural and environmentally friendly, it just feels and looks superior to any film finish (Lacquers, Polyurethanes, etc). The natural and organic feel of the finish after it dries is hard to articulate. Its best understood when it is compared to a typical film finish. Oil's also really enhance the beauty, color and grain of the wood species that it is applied to.

One of the other really nice advantages to an oil finish is its repairability. Unlike a film finish, oil finishes can easily be spot repaired in a matter of minutes. If you are purchasing products and want to know how to care for them, OSMO also sells cleaning and care products that prolong the life of the finish. Check out your local distributor of OSMO products to find a supplier that you can order from.

We also love to talk shop so if you have any questions, feel free to send us a message.


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