News and updates about our furniture company.

Starting a new chapter

furniture manufacturing

This week we are moving into our new facility. It is a very exciting week for our furniture company. After spending 8 months developing our product line and establishing a direction for our company, we are ready for this new chapter. We believe in the design and manufacturing of our own product which is why we decided from the onset that we would be responsible for our products from concept right through to shipping.

We are proud that all of our products are designed, sourced and made in Canada! Some may say we are going against the grain. When I hear about the furniture industry being non-existent in Canada, I am saddened. I hold on to the hope that some of the older manufacturers of furniture in Canada just couldn't evolve in today's modern economy. The furniture industry and the manufacturing of furniture in Canada - for the most part -  is non-existent.

We aren't looking to start a revolution. We just can't imagine building and caring for furniture that is being built halfway across the world. We want to touch it, see it and make sure that when it leaves our facility our customers have something special on the way. We want to share our passion and our facility with the public. If you want to schedule a tour and come watch our process, reach out to us for a tour.