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My Creative Process

We are all artists. I do believe at some point in our life we were all interested in expressing ourselves creatively. So far, I have designed most of the collection. I feel like I have been an artist my whole life. I have always yearned to express myself through visual art and I have always found myself to be sensitive to the design around me. I do have some formal training in visual arts but designing furniture was something that I learned through trial and error. I think what is great about design is that there are so many ways to end up at the same result and therefore with enough research and practice anyone can discover tools to help them get there thoughts on paper or represented in some kind of physical form.

Designers usually loosely or firmly define some creative process in their work. If you are looking for a recipe, check out this great article about the 4 stages of creativity. For me, discovering my own creative process was one of the first things I wanted to tackle. I was envious of everyone that had already cemented there process and intimidated by developing my own. I spent the first 5 months working on this. Discovering my creative process was truly a creative process itself. What I eventually learned is that I am more old school in my ways and less trusting of digital representations of my thoughts and ideas. 

My creative process generally starts out with some sketching. Usually, I have an idea that has been inspired by some external stimuli. I have a need for order so I usually sketch on grid paper to establish scale and to keep the sketch comfortable to my eye. Sometimes I will use tracing paper so that I can establish a base and then add different variations on top of that base. When I am truly inspired by what I see, the sketch and design pours out of me with ease and the build usually materializes with less resistance too. Other times, the sketch eventually makes itself into a full scale model and has to be reiterated 8-10 times before the piece of furniture is ready for production. To me, full size models are the only ways to really understand and evaluate the effectiveness of a design. With furniture design, using cheaper woods like poplar are an effective way to see your work in full scale before fully committing. We sometimes also don't use the typical joinery found in our furniture in our models. Beautiful craftsmanship is not the goal in creating models. The goal is to evaluate the angles, proportions and overall size of your piece.

I hope that my creative process never stops evolving. I think all designers never fully graduate if you know what I am saying. We are always striving for improvement and evolving as new tools become available and as we learn more about our own capabilities. Something tells me that our first collection is just the beginning of what lies ahead. As designers and makers, we will mature and evolve. I feel very grateful that I get to design furniture. Running a furniture company can sometimes get in the way of that but my goal is to design the company around my need to be immersed in the product development. 

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