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Visual Merchandising and The Retail Environment

We are romantics when it comes to furniture and environmental design. You may hear one of our designers talking about the unspoken dialogue that exists between people and their surroundings. Everyone falls onto a spectrum which ranges from being extremely aware of one's surroundings and not being as attuned but people have relationships with their surroundings whether they know it or not. As a Toronto custom contract furniture manufacturer we think about this relationship and this dialogue every day. 

We feel it is our responsibility to design and build furniture that positively affects the people that consciously or subconsciously engage with it. Visual merchandising is no joke! Statistics say that 83% of human information is obtained from the sense of sight. So, when prospective customers walk into a retail environment the dialogue that initiates can influence their behaviour and propensity to make a purchase.

Research carried out b Russell Mueller showed that a well thought out "hot spot" can increase sales by 229%. Even though we have a modern furniture line of our own we are constantly thinking of others. Having a design and fabrication team that understands these visions is critical to effectively executing a strategy and plan. Everything down to the type of finish used can help someone connect to an environment and it's those kinds of details that we care about. Our custom contract furniture solutions team can work with you strictly on the fabrication, as a blended design and fabrication team and can even offer a full service solution.

If you are in the middle of planning a new retail environment in Toronto or anywhere in Canada, we can help make your design ideas a reality.