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Maker Profile: Kate Duncan

Kate Duncan | Furniture Maker

Kate Duncan is a designer/maker based in Vancouver, British Columbia. She recently released a new collection which she featured at IDS West this past September.

I connected with Kate a few weeks ago and had a wonderful conversation with her. Kate Duncan is resourceful, witty, good humoured and passionate about furniture. We got on a phone call to just shoot the shit (as she would likely say) but after getting off the phone I realized I had questions that were unanswered. So, I decided to email a list of questions to her so that I can post them on our blog for others to enjoy. 

1. Describe your furniture in 5 words?

Honest. Solid. Handsome. Sturdy. Clean.  

2. You swear like a sailor. What is your favorite swear word?

Ahahahaha! That’s true! I do… My favourite one is ‘fuck', in every and any imaginable application. 

Local Furniture Maker

3. What craft/art, other than woodworking, would you love to master (and why)?

Ohhh… So many!! I love cooking, sewing and knitting but I’m not a master at any… I would love to get into photography, metalwork and upholstery too but I’ve got so many friends who are good at those things, I’d rather just work with them on collaborative projects. The learning curve is steep and working with good friends and experts is fun! 

Bedroom Furniture

4. Why does it matter that people support local makers?

Now that is a can of worms my friend!! I think it’s important that real people support real people. Supporting real people and local makers isn’t just good for makers, it’s good for the end user too. I love working with clients to get them exactly what they want. It’s an experience for both me and my clients… Not just click click click… Add it to the ‘cart’ and ‘checkout’. It’s a real experience between real people.

5. Pencil/Paper or CAD?

If I learned CAD I’m sure I would spend my whole day in front of a computer screen… No thank you! Pencil all the way… I may eat my words later, but for now I’m sticking to my trusty no. 2!

Storage Cabinet

If you want to see some really carefully designed and crafted work, check out Kate's website. You can also follow her on Instagram. Kate is in the middle of opening a new showroom in Gastown (Vancouver) and is always open to new commissions and customers. I wouldn't call her though unless you want some really fucking awesome shit.