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Condo Furniture in Toronto

Condo-sized furniture

It's hard to find furniture that fits just right when you live in a condo in Toronto. Urban living is about making the most of your compact space and that almost always means finding furniture that is condo-sized.  

When we we started our furniture company, we thought long and hard about how the furniture would function and how we would size each piece. We believe in urbanization and want to to encourage people to live more sustainable lives. Living in condos helps encourage city planning to become more people friendly.  

Furniture in our collection, like our sideboard, are dimensioned for smaller spaces. If you are looking around for a furniture store in Toronto that sells condo-sized furniture, then check out our collection. Each piece can be modified to suit your space. We also build custom furniture if you want something really specific or don't see something you need in our catalogue.  

Condo living shouldn't mean having to make compromises when it comes to furniture. Every piece of furniture at KROFT+CO is hand built which means you will be buying furniture that is built to last. Come visit our Toronto showroom or browse our collection online.