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Custom Kitchen Table

Last year we did a custom kitchen table that we never got around to posting. This kitchen table had a Jeans (navy) linoleum top, solid walnut edging and two matte black metal coin bases.  

Linoleum is a little sensitive so we were curious to find out how it handles the abuse of a family with kids and it is holding up great. Choosing a finish for any piece of furniture is always a tough call. The nicest finishes and the ones that really compliment the natural wood often come with the most maintenance.  

If your looking for a Danish modern or Scandinavian look, then white soap flakes would be my number one choice. But a white soap finish requires a lot of work to maintain. Linoleum isn't quite as much work but it does require regular cleaning. 

The advantage to linoleum is that it is an organic, natural and germicidal product. 

When you order custom furniture, make sure to get a run down of all the different options for finishes. There are dozens out there and some produce a finish that is worth the extra maintenance.  

Here are some shots of the custom table: