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Finishing Up

Custom furniture finish

Finishing is one of the most important aspects of furniture making. A poor finishing job can ruin hours or days of work if not executed properly. More importantly, finishing can determine the overall feel and look of a piece of furniture.   

There are dozens of different finishes and then dozens of combinations of these finishes. Everything from a light Danish white soap flake finish to ahardened Polyurethane finish. Film based finishes - like polyurethane - build up a protective coat on top of the wood. Oils soak into the wood and are then wiped off leaving no build up or film. 

Certain finishes require more maintenance than others and that is a good starting point for deciding how you want your furniture made. I highly recommend not going for the low maintenance finish all the time because the results can often be worth it. 

We offer a variety of finishes ranging from oils to oil and wax combinations and water based polyurethanes. 

If you decide to order furniture from us, we can review all the different options and explain why one type of finish may make more sense than the other for your particular use. 

In the end, it's all about preference and function but it's good to know your options!