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What goes into making a piece of furniture.

Furniture Making

We use traditional furniture making methods whenever possible. It is a part of our mandate. This isn't a post knocking companies that opt for faster and more improvised methods, it is just a memo to highlight what really goes into making one of our pieces. 

For us the process begins well before we select our wood or even pick up a tool. Prototyping and developing new furniture pieces for our collection starts with a sketch pad. New ideas for furniture come to me at the least convenient times, like when I am driving or in the shower. I do my best to keep notepads all around me so I can sketch when I get inspired.

I will usually hand draw new ideas unless I feel they are best developed on the computer. If that is the case, I will use programs like SketchUp to lay out my initial thoughts. Some ideas die there and other ideas seem good enough to pursue in physical form. That is usually when I will begin in the shop with scaled models or full size prototypes. My wood of choice for prototypes is poplar. It is lightweight, inexpensive and easy to mill.

Building prototypes almost always means building out several iterations and the original model will usually end up getting dissected or reworked a bunch of times. If at this point, I still feel comfortable than it is time to do a little planning for the first generation piece. 

Now it is time to pick some materials from our stock and hit the shop to build it out. We don't talk about traditional furniture making methods and long cuts because it sounds good or comes across in a certain light. For better or worse, that is all we know how to do. Anything else just doesn't feel right.

We started our furniture company to focus on craftsmanship, design and timeless pieces. Although, our furniture takes longer to make and includes more expensive components like hardware and materials, the result is well worth the investment. The only way we feel good about what we do is if we respect the furniture making process engineer our furniture in a way that allows it to last a lifetime.

Passion is behind everything we do which is why we agonize over all of the small details so you don't have to. It is our goal to bring you many options for finishes, materials and design. It is also our goal to be proud of every piece that leaves our shop. For more information about our building process or our shop, feel free to comment on this blog post or write us directly at