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Woodworking in our shop

Squaring up the stopped groves in the floor mirror

Squaring up the stopped groves in the floor mirror

Offering a variety of furniture from tables to case goods means we have to have lots of different tools and machines.  

Making a dresser usually involves completely different tools than our floor mirror or dining table for example. Our wood shop is divided into two areas for this reason. We have a wood shop that is dedicated to processing solid wood. Our solid wood dining tables will start and finish within that section of our plant.  

Furniture like our sideboard is built in our panel processing area which is dedicated to the breaking down of sheets, joinery and assembly.  

It seems at a times that a woodworker or wood shop can never have enough tools. In addition to purchased tools there are also jigs. We are furniture makers, so when it comes time to break out the chisels and the hand tools it always feels natural. It also helps to connect us to our customers because of the extra craftsmanship that goes into those pieces of furniture. 

Whether we are building furniture in the wood shop or in the panel processing area, we take great pride in our work. And whether we are using a large industrial machine or a small hand held chisel, we are always working to the same level of precision. We are always learning as furniture makers and that perpetual growth is what makes our job truly enjoyable.