News and updates about our furniture company.

Coming Soon...

We are proud to announce that we will be opening our first flagship showroom at Designers Walk in the Fall of 2016.  Designers Walk, located near Avenue Rd and Davenport Rd in Toronto, is a community dedicated to design professionals and the furniture and design trade. Our showroom will be on the third floor at the 160 Pears Ave building.

We are going to curate a space that showcases our collection and invites people to come see the hard work and dedication that goes into each and every one of our modern pieces. We are offering 30% to all who sign up ahead of our grand launch in September 2016. We will notify you a few weeks from our grand opening with more information about our launch.

Help us spread the word! Share this form with friends and family and tell them to include your name in the sign up form and we will give you an additional 10% off your sign up form.

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