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New Modern Furniture Collection

Ash Dining Table with Stool

Ash Dining Table with Stool

We are a few modern furniture pieces deep into our new collection - which will be available at our new Toronto furniture store at Designers Walk. The series will be largely focused on living and dining room furniture and will include a dining table, stool, dining table bench, hutch, sideboard and some other accessories.

We are using Ash in this new collection which has allowed us to experiment with some really fun finishes and we will be introducing splashes of colour throughout. We welcome any feedback that you have so comment on this post if you have something you want to say!

If you are looking for modern furniture for your home and can't ever seem to find certain pieces, let us know. We want to build furniture that is functional and desirable for urban homes and condos. Good feedback helps us to build useful pieces that make a difference in your life.

Thanks for following along and make sure to check us out at our new Furniture store in Toronto this fall.