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Custom Furniture: Condo sales centre project


Last week we wrapped up a custom furniture project that we were commissioned to do for a condo model suite. This sales centre required a variety of custom modern furniture in Toronto and we were fortunate enough to be contracted for he work.  

Aside from our focus on making tables in Toronto, we also get hired for just about any kind of furniture project. Because we manufacture all of our furniture locally in Toronto, we have a well configured shop that allows us to build just about anything.  

This particular project called for some custom side tables and some bookcases - very tall bookcases. The bookcases are what's in the picture but they are unfinished. There will be some etched glass behind the case. 

We are proud to make all of our furniture locally in Canada. It's important to note that we don't just make tables. Our focus is on dining tables but we can build just about anything for you. Our custom projects can be found in restaurants, retail stores, hotels and more.  

Dustin Kroft